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Sweatshirt Clothing

We offer top of line quality products for men, women and kids. Our extensive line up of products include hoodedies, zip, pullover and the widest range of colors in the industry.

Popular Colors Include:
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Red

All of our sweatshirts give you a choice of Super Heavyweight, Heavyweight, Mid weight and Lightweight styles. Over the last few years our hoodies have been our best sellers. Not far behind is our fleece jacket model that has a quilted, nylon lined interior.

The origin of such shirts began in America. However, due to the fact that most of the present world cultures are adopting the American way of life, you will find that there has been a rise in the sales of sweatshirts internationally. This means that you can be bale to find sweatshirts in almost any part of the world today. The only cultures that are against the western culture are the Muslim and Arab countries. Though these cultures are against the western way of life, you will find that the people who are from these cultures and live in a different country will be found to be using the western culture.

Though there hasn’t been any proof of the actual date that these began being used in the world, there are some facts that can be found which will be seen as proof of the history of sweatshirts. In the year nineteen nineteen, there were two American brothers who founded a company by the name of Knickerbocker Knitting Company. The names of these two brothers were Abe and Bill Feinbloom. They were the persons that have been recorded to have started making these after a few years in the knitting business.

In the course of nineteen twenty to nineteen thirty, they found a method that one can be able to put letters on clothing. This method was what they used to create athletic clothing. This process was the one that led to the production of the sweatshirts. Once the first batch of sweatshirts was created, you will fin that they come up with different designs so that people could have a variety of designs to choose from. The first type of sweatshirts to be designed would have been the front zip hoodie design. This design was primarily mad to cater for American football players.

However, with time it started becoming famous with their fans and as a result, the production of such sweatshirts was increased. You will find that later, around the sixties, it became very popular to have names written on you t-shirt or shirt. This was done by university students and to this day you will find that they are still popular. In later years like the seventies, sweatshirts got a different kind of written design. You will find that there are some slogans that were written across the front or back of these shirts and they had some sort of message which was chosen by the wearer. Another thing that happened in the seventies is the introduction of the jogging suits.

During this time it also becomes fashionable to wear clothing that has been contructed from the same material as sweatshirts. This type of apparel has become the world’s leading type of clothing. Though it was first found to be famous in the United States, you will find that they have slowly spread to the rest of the worlds. However, in some Arab countries you will not be bale to find any type of sweatshirts. This is attributed to the fact that they use Muslim law. Sweatshirts are banned in the Arab states because of the hate that the Arabs have against American ways of living. They tend to suggest that the American way of living is very corrupt and therefore it is not allowed.