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College Sweatshirts

Different uses
When a person has finished high school successfully and they are in the process of joining a college, you will find that one of the requirements that they will be asked to carry with them would be the college sweatshirts. There are several styles that are available today for women and men alike. This has been attributed to the fact that printing sweatshirts and t-shirts as a way of advertising has become a common thing in the present day. This is because of the fact that advertising has become one of the most effective ways that one can be able to market their goods and services. Advertising through sweatshirts can be very effective.

This happens because of the fact that the person wearing the sweatshirt will come into contact with other people. For example, you might find that when you are on a bus or on a train you will find that you will most likely be idle. Therefore, you will find most people will be reading the things that are written on other people’s sweatshirts.

The first type of item that you will come across will be the name of the school. The idea behind the hoodies which have been printed the name of the school would be advertising. When a student wears apparel that have the name of the school they will be doing outdoor advertising for the school. In turn, it will raise more awareness to the general public that there is a certain college somewhere that has a certain name.

The advertising can be either positive or negative. Negative advertisement will come when the students who are wearing their hoodies will be seen to be causing chaos and damage. This will reflect negatively on anyone who has seen them. Positive advertisement on the other hand will follow the same process. The difference will be that the students will be doing positive things like community work or even an event like donating to the homeless people.

Another thing that college sweatshirts have is giving a sense of belonging. Colleges that have a good reputation and also they perform well will be seen to something that everyone will want to associate with. Most if not all colleges that have such characteristics will be seen to have their name. Some of these colleges have been known to make a lot of money selling their merchandise in order to raise money for a good cause.

Another reason would be ease of school alumni identification. When there is a function like interschool sports, this type of apparel can be a good way to identify fellow school mates. Since colleges have got a high number of students, it would be difficult for one to know everyone. The use of this clothing will be able to reduce this confusion. In case of anything that will be needed to be done by members of the college, this will help reduce the need of identifying fellow students.

The final use of these garments would be for future reference. Once a person is through with college, you will find that they will tend to keep their college sweatshirts. This is done especially with people who have gone to good and / or prestigious colleges. The college sweatshirts can be used to show once future children that they went t a certain college and the sweatshirt is proof. This can be used by parents especially when they are trying to encourage their children to study hard so that they can go to such colleges.