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Embroidered Sweatshirts

Types of embroidery

There are very many types of embroidered hoodies that can be found in the market today. You will need to know which type of style that you want before choosing one. There are many issues that one might experience when trying to choose a type that will suit them.

Embroidery is something that most people are not familiar with. Some people will also be found to have such sweatshirts but they do not know if they are embroidered. Since this is a problem to most people, they will be looking for examples of embroidery so that they can have an idea of what to get. Once someone has been given examples, it will not be very hard for them to be able to establish a taste for that particular item. The same case applies for various techniques of embroidery. To help those who are having problems, we are going to give several different types of embroidered sweatshirts together with examples of them.

The first type of pullover hoodie that one will be able to find will be the Appliqué type of embroidery. In this method, there is the technique of placing one pattern of a particular material over another pattern. This forms what is known as the ground. Once this has been done, you will find that one can be able to finish the edges of the clothes that they are making by use of different types of stitches. They can be sewed over or have gold thread, braid or any other type of fancy ornamentation. This can be a great design that one will find with the embroidered sweatshirts. The other design that is used to make embroidered sweatshirts will be the Arrasene Embroidery.

In this type of embroidery, you will find that it was very popular during the Victorian times. It was originally intended to be used for artistic purposes only. Since its conception in 1883, it has come to be used for other purposes like making clothes. It is fine chenille and it can be found in both silk and woolen materials. It has been used to make embroidered sweatshirts but it is not as common as the appliqué method.

There is a very simple method that can be used when making hoodies. This is known as the Backstitch Embroidery. In this type of embroidery, you will find that a person will only have to use the backstitch type of sewing top embroider the cloth they are making. This means that there will be a high likelihood of finding a lot of sweatshirts that have been made using this method.

If one is thinking of making one, this would be a good method to use as you will be able to understand it easier. The fourth type of embroidery that we are going to discuss is the Berlin Embroidery. This is normally used by canvas material but it can be incorporated to any other type of material. It began its conception in 1830’s and since then it has been used widely. It was mainly used to create a lot of items like cushions, furniture coves, bags etc. but to date it has been proven to be used to make a great final product.

These four processes will give you an idea of the available styles and at the same time you can be able to have a rough idea on what they entail. There are more types which can be found over the internet. Just use a search engine and you will be able to get websites that have such examples.